If you want to have a countryside feel anywhere around Melbourne, Eltham is your place to be. This beautiful suburb has peaceful atmosphere with beautiful trees, birds and freshness swimming all around. You can enjoy riding, walking and take to exciting leisure trips anytime. But you get all modern urban amenities in Eltham like good schools, access to cities, good restaurants and parks. While magpies, lorikeets and cockatoos mesmerize you with their sweet songs, you are never lose touch with the contemporary facilities.

Eltham Palace

Leisure trips in Eltham

Eltham has always been known for providing a vacation like ambience to the residents and visitors. If you are a local or tourist here, Melbourne Chauffeur Service takes you to the most fabulous leisure spots like Eltham Lower Park, Alistair Knox Park or Eltham Leisure Center in luxuriest vehicles.

We have exclusive bigger vans too with extra space for passengers and luggage that fit the needs of a larger group. All cars and vans belong to best luxury brands and are regularly checked for comfort and flawless performance.

Our drivers are well versed with the topography and culture of the region and know the best times to go and best routes to take. Your leisure trips will be super thrilling and memorable with Melbourne Chauffeur Service .

If you wish to relish some cool dining places and can not resist gorging on Italian, Thai, Indian, Japanese, Lebanese, Chinese cuisines, we assure to take to the most fabulous restaurants in ultra luxury cars.

Shopping sprees in Eltham

As we said earlier, Eltham may be a tranquil place without the cacophony of city but never too far away from cities and urban amenities. If shopping is on your mind, Melbourne Chauffeur Service is the service to pick. We have been regulars at the most popular shopping destinations around Eltham. If you want to have your eyes set on Templestowe Shopping Center or Westfield Shoppingtown Doncaster any other hip shopping avenues, call us for a gratifying experience. Our friendly chauffeurs drive you in opulent cars to the destination of your choice.

At times, our drivers will be wonderful guides for you who tell you the best places to buy your stuff from. The professional chauffeurs never mind assisting you in managing your baggage and other needs too.

Hotel transfers in Eltham

If you need to be transported to any prominent hotel from any airport or any other station in Eltham, think Melbourne Chauffeur Service for a wonderful road travel. Our chauffeurs assure you a safe, timely and luxurious hotel transfer the memory of which stays with you for life. Our chauffeurs know the eminent hotels in Eltham and are trained to respect your needs and privacy.

The fleet

Melbourne Chauffeur Service owns an array of premium luxury cars that up your style and make your road travel unique and opulent. Our wheels roll out from chosen brands and include Mercedes Benz GL, Mercedes Benz S Class, Audi Q7, Lexus ES 300, stretch Limousines, Chrysler 300C, Holden Caprice and luxurious people mover vans.

Designated corporate chauffeurs

We understand that every organisation is differently wired and, thus, ensure customized services tailored for individual clients. Melbourne Chauffeur Service is an exclusive chauffeured services company serving outstanding and bespoke services to its customers.

Designated Corporate

We at Melbourne Chauffeur Service have professional and well-groomed chauffeurs on our rolls that understand business travel etiquette thoroughly. The designated chauffeurs are recruited after systematic hiring process and are licensed and insured. Our crew is among the best in the country known for their courtesy and professional intelligence. They possess the required communication skills and desired expertise.

Punctuality and respect for your privacy are the hallmarks of our distinguished services. While travelling with Melbourne Chauffeur Service, you can sit relaxed in the plush backseat and focus on the corporate meet preparations, do the necessary file work and make important phone calls with zero disturbance.

Prompt bookings and reservations

Booking a ride with Melbourne Chauffeur Service is quite convenient and instant. You need to call our representative, furnish the details of your itinerary/corporate event and pick your fav car. Alternatively, just drop an e mail, or flash a text message with the relevant details to place a booking. Our professionals pull up their sleeves promptly and arrive well in time with the car nicely done for the ride. We ensure every ride is bespoke and nowhere compromises with the customer requirements and expectations. With Premium Chauffeurs Melbourne, you can thus enjoy complete peace of mind and cost-efficient rides.

The prices are fixed and include GST, tolls, parking charges and other taxes. There are no hidden charges to be levied later. Our services operate 24×7 and we are pleased to serve you with the same zeal and enthusiasm at any hours. As you make a booking, the next step for you is to get ready for a lifetime ride experience.

The Sweet Greet

Our chauffeurs are cultured professionals who personify our legacy of extending unmatched felicity to customers and scripting new rules of heartwarming hospitality. Be it dropping or receiving you at the corporate venue, or picking you from any spot residential or commercial, you are greeted by our chauffeurs with smiles. The smartly dressed and well-mannered chauffeurs greet you as you are about to step into our plush cars. Our tech savvy professionals have your schedules flashing on their i-pads or mobiles which means they leave no room for unwanted delays and any service lapses.

Convenient cancellations

Changes happen. Delayed flights, cancelled flights, changes in itinerary, rescheduling of corporate meets or unforeseen circumstances are a part of life. You will find us considerate and adjustable. Even if it is the last minute change, we don’t mind. Our professionals serving you are accommodating and flexible, respecting your schedules and readjustments. You just have to inform us …hours in advance for rescheduling or cancelling a reservation. At no extra costs.

Our Fleets

Each car from our exclusive fleet defines the next level snugness and luxury. We have in our convoy the latest series and coveted models of executive sedans (Lexus ES300H, Holden Caprice and Chrysler 300C), Executive European Sedans (Mercedes E Class, Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series), Premium European Sedans (Audi A8, BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S Class), SUVs ( Lexus Rx 450S, Mercedes GLS, Mercedes GLE, Audi Q7, BMW X5 and Mercedes ML).

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